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10 Best Men’s Clothing to Sell in 2019

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In 2019 men’s style will be evolving more than ever. You’ll still see some of the popular staples like plaid shirts bringing in a ton of sales. However, you’ll also discover that athleisure will be changing up the game for men everywhere. And we’ve even noticed a trend for sexy novelty underwear!

So let’s dive into the top men’s clothing you’ll want to stock up your stores with in 2019.

10 Best Men’s Clothing to Sell in 2019

#1. Men’s Plaid Shirt

In 2019, people will be mad about plaid. There was a sudden growth in search volume for “plaid shirts” in September 2018. But let’s be honest, plaid is an evergreen style that’s popular year after year. And hey, it’s been steadily growing each year too.

So, if you’re selling in the men’s fashion niche, make sure you have several different plaid styles available on your store like this plaid shirt. It has had over 1400 orders in the last six months, proving this is a timeless item of clothing men really want.

When it comes to men’s clothing, you want to make sure every style of the plaid shirt is visible.

So instead of having all these styles hidden on this one product page, you can actually “Split Product” under “More actions,” which will create separate product pages for every style on that product.

How does that help you? It shows that you’re adding more products to your website which gives you an increased chance of getting found through search engines like Google. But remember, you don’t want to write the exact same copy on all those product pages. That’s called duplicate content, and it can hurt your Google rankings long-term.

#2. Hooded Sweatshirt


Men’s clothing needs to be fashionable, but perfect for everyday wear in order to sell well. Fortunately, this hooded sweatshirt fits that combo perfectly

This product’s sales have remained steady over the past six months, with over 2,000 orders. This sweatshirt comes in seven colors: black, white, khaki, burgundy, and more.

The neutral tones of this sweatshirt prove that this isn’t just another men’s fashion fad but perfect for men to wear for years to come as well.

Promoting these sweatshirts will involve a mix of influencer marketing and Instagram marketing. You can reach out to male influencers on Instagram and ask them to wear, photograph, and share your sweatshirt with their audience.

When the post goes live, you can DM all men who comment on the post to try to encourage the sale of your sweatshirt. Take notice of the people who say they like the shirt. They might be a great target audience. Figure out what those men have in common and create an ad targeting that interest.

For example, if you find men who work out a lot tend to want this sweatshirt, you might use fitness keywords to try to attract your audience with your ad.

#3. Wool Coat

Men’s clothing can take the average guy and turn him into a fashionable, sophisticated one. All it takes is a simple wool coat to do the trick. With over 27,000 monthly searches for the keyword “men’s wool coat” in Google each month, it’s clear that this men’s clothing piece is a must-have in every man’s closet.

Oberlo has a few wool coats you can choose to experiment with and sell on your store, like this one or this wool sweater jacket or this wool jean jacket.

When promoting these wool coats, jackets or sweaters, you can add them to a specific product category called “Wool Coats” so that men searching for wool coats will see all the options you have on your store.

Since there is a substantial search volume for that keyword, as mentioned earlier, you can begin to rank for the keyword overtime.

All you have to do is continue to add new products regularly and remove unpopular products that don’t sell well to better optimize your product collection. You can also create Google Shopping ads or search-based ads to help attract more people to your store’s wool coats.

#4. Men’s Body Shaper

Over the past few decades, shapewear has helped women create a slimming silhouette. In fact, women’s shapewear has been so successful that this men’s fashion trend is now gaining popularity. The body shaper comes in two colors, orange and black. It’s also got eight sizes to choose from.

Google Trends shows that there’s been a steady growth of searches for “men’s shaper” with January of 2017 hitting an all-time high. The best way to help men find your men’s shapewear is through organic search.

There are about 5,400 monthly searches for “shapewear for men.” Interestingly enough, ‘shapewear for women’ gets 9,900 monthly searches.

It’s expected that women would be more interested in shapewear than men. However, the gap between them is only a mere few thousand proving the viability and popularity of targeting men.

By creating Google Shopping ads, creating blog content about men’s shapewear, creating optimized product collections for men’s shapewear, and creating traditional Google ads, you’ll increase your chances of getting found

#5. Sexy Men’s Underwear

Some of the most popular men’s fashion right now is… sexy men’s underwear. It may be a bit more revealing than what you’re used to seeing at your local Calvin Klein but its popularity is unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Take a look at this one underwear style (NSFW) –  in the past six months, it’s amassed over 1,600 sales. This men’s briefs (NSFW) has seen over 1,000 sales in the past six months. And there are more just like it.

Considering how underwear is a must-have undergarment, it’s no wonder that these men’s clothing pieces have been performing so well. When it comes to selling underwear (NSFW) this revealing, you’ll likely have to use an organic search approach. However, if you do use Facebook or Instagram to advertise your store, remember that exposed buttocks are not permitted in content or ads.

Also, be sure to use an image of the underwear without the model wearing it.

To rank organically, you’ll want to use long-tail keywords to increase your chances of ranking. For example, “underwear” is too competitive for a small or mid-sized brand to rank for. Heck, even “sexy men’s underwear” has a lot of competition.

However, you can write content for keywords like “men’s underwear styles” and include a list of underwear styles that you sell on your store with some text describing each style. That keyword gets 4,400 monthly searches but is also less competitive.

#6. Spring Jacket

This spring jacket has been springing up in sales, especially in the last 30 days. Over 1600 customers have placed orders for this jacket or one of the other two styles. And in the past six months have seen thousands of orders on this spring jacket.

Even though this jacket has a casual look, it can still create a polished men’s style making it perfect for everyday wear in the spring and autumn months.

The jacket also comes in five sizes, ranging from M to XXXL, to help store owners reach a bigger audience. To help you attract more sales for your men’s fashion store you might want to channel some help from male influencers on Instagram.

Men with large, engaged, male-dominated audiences might be good partners to help elevate your brand. The influencer can create an image or video of them posing in your store’s jacket and share their post with their audience.

You’ll likely get sales from it so long as they tag your brand in the post, but feel free to also DM people commenting about your product in the post’s comment section.

#7. Tech Gloves

Nobody wants those cheap winter gloves you can’t text or use your phone in. Fortunately, there’s been a rise in tech gloves which allow you to do just that – while keeping your hands nice and toasty.

These gloves can also be used for motorcyclists and winter sports enthusiasts. The sleek, thermal design makes it perfect for everyday wear in the winter months, and its appearance is perfect regardless of whether you dress up or down.

When targeting customers for tech gloves, you can start by targeting countries with colder climates during their winter season. And you can also target people based on the mobile device they use.

Also, you might reach out to someone who has an iPhone and recommends these gloves to them so that they can use their phone while walking outdoors.

#8. Men’s Novelty Socks

They’re quirky. They’re trendy. And they sell well. Novelty socks have been making big strides in the world of men’s clothing. Whether worn for everyday use or for special occasions, these socks help give you a distinct look while adding a touch of personality to your outfit.

Entire stores have been creating selling only novelty socks – some as subscription services and some as sock-only stores.

And while you can choose to sell within your men’s fashion store or create your own novelty sock store, you’ll find that there are so many different styles that you can sell online to your customers.

The best thing about novelty socks is that they work great as both an impulse buy and search-based product. For example, socks with the Mona Lisa on it are unique enough that an art lover would buy it immediately after seeing an ad on Facebook or Instagram.

However, “novelty socks” has 8,100 monthly searches so you can also execute an SEO strategy to drive organic traffic to your store. This will help you lower your overall ad costs.

#9. Gym Pants

As Instagram fitness models keep taking over the internet, more men are stepping up their fitness game. With athleisure becoming a staple in the fitness apparel world, more men are rocking the trend themselves.

These gym pants and others just like it are becoming more popular. The casual style makes them perfect for running, jogging, the gym, and many other physical activities.

Instagram is a good starting point for store owners selling men’s fitness clothing. You can tap into influencer marketing, reaching out to fitness influencers and having them wear and share your clothing brand.

Additionally, you can search up fitness fan pages and pay for sponsored posts on their page to get some sales without paying a pricy influencer rate as fan pages are generally cheaper.

#10. 3D Sweater

In 2019, 3D printed clothing will start becoming more popular. Take this men’s 3D printed sweater, in the past month, it had a growing sales volume with 43 customer purchases.

While this trend still hasn’t reached its peak, it’s one that’ll be growing over the next few years. In the next couple of years, 3D printers will begin to become more popular.

Entire online stores will be made up of 3D printed men’s clothing, jewelry, toys and basically any other physical object you can imagine.

The best way to sell your 3D printed men’s clothing is by focusing on visual platforms like Facebook or Instagram. Men will be more likely to buy sweaters like the one above by the way it looks instead of because of how it was created.

So while you can build an online store selling 3D printed clothing, the way the clothing looks will determine whether or not a customer buys it – just like any other fashion item.

Men’s Fashion Trends in 2019, According to Experts

wale nubiWale Nubi, Menswear Designer and Owner of JoJayden, shares, “Overall, my thoughts on 2019 trends are that fashion is going back to the 90s because there are a lot of BOLD colors and prints happening. Bold checks and plaid patterns, bold brand logos, bold stripes and even bold shoulder pads on jackets and blazers are back in style.”

men's clothing influencerJordan Barnett, founder of Kapow Meggings, says, “In 2019 our prediction is the growth of men’s leggings. With changing attitudes towards clothing; the rapid growth of activewear; and more adventurous street and festival apparel we’ve doubled the last two years running, and the plan for 2019 is to double again. This has been across all ranges – Originals, Performance, and our more unique styles – metallic, holographic, glitter.

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