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10 Best Baby Products to Sell in 2019

Looking for the best baby products of 2019? In this section of the ebook, we break down the top baby clothes and baby products new parents will be obsessing over. So if you run a baby accessories store, then you’ll want to get these baby products on your store ASAP – you don’t want to miss out and end up crying over spilled milk.

10 Best Baby Products to Sell in 2019

#1. Baby Wrap Blanket

Help your customers swaddle up their bundle of joy in this baby wrap blanket and hat combo. The cotton blanket comes in a range of cute designs, including sharks, dinosaurs, sloths and cupcakes. In the past six months, it’s had hundreds of orders, proving that it’s a must-have for many new parents.

The best baby products are often both cute and practical, making them irresistible to new parents. This baby wrap blanket is perfect for new parents to tuck their babies in during the colder winter months.

If you check out Google Trends, they show a skyrocketing search volume for “swaddle blanket” proving that this blanket and others out there will continue to be popular throughout 2019.

Marketing your baby products can be done on visual platforms like Facebook and Instagram. When marketing on Facebook, you can target women who’ve recently given birth.

You can post pictures of a baby in the baby wrap blanket similar to the one above to help them imagine what it’d be like to have their baby in the same blanket. You can also reach out to new moms with big followings on Instagram and compensate them for sharing custom photos of your product with their audience. This will help you attract more sales.

#2. Baby Hip Seat

One of the most popular baby products is baby carriers. Search volume for the keyword “baby carrier” has been more or less stable for a few years with peak season occurring around June.

However, to keep up with trends, manufacturers have been altering the design of baby carriers like this baby hip seat which allows parents to comfortably carry their baby on their hip while they stand without having to use both of their arms.

To get more eyeballs on your baby hip seat during the peak June season, you’ll want to start your SEO strategy now.

If your entire store is catered to the baby products niche, you can build out blog content that’ll better attract your audience. You can create content twice a week around topics such as “How to Hold a Baby” which has 4,400 monthly searches – low enough for a new blog.

As your blog grows over the next few months from your continued content you can start creating content around higher volume words like “baby carrier.” But in the meantime, to capitalize on sales earlier, you can share those blog posts on Twitter, Facebook groups, or relevant baby forums.

As long as you have a Facebook pixel and retargeting ad running in the background, you can monetize your blog content more affordably while attracting qualified traffic to your website. You can then use this data to create lookalike audiences when you start creating standard Facebook ads.

#3. Baby Moccasins

When it comes to baby clothes, baby shoes often bring about that ‘aww’ factor more than anything. How can someone’s feet be so small and adorable?

Fortunately, with shoes like these baby moccasins that ‘aww’ factor can help you make some sales. This style comes in thirteen different colors and three sizes to suit every baby.

With a price point under $6, store owners can make a profit when selling these baby shoes for between $19.99 to $29.99. Searches for “baby shoes” has been seeing a slight increase in volume.

This product would likely perform best with the help of influencer photos. You can reach out to influencers with newborn babies and offer these shoes and compensation in return for your own custom photos.

The influencer can then share the photos with their audience, tagging your store. This will allow you to get sales from their circle of influence. You can then use your custom photos in ads and on social media to attract other new parents to encourage sales from them as well.

#4. Cute Baby Dress

Baby clothes are the most popular baby products to sell. With babies growing in size rapidly over the span of months, new parents are constantly upgrading their newborn’s outfits throughout their first few years.

This simple rabbit dress is the perfect Easter dress to sell to new parents in spring 2019. With colder weather still in the midst of winter and early spring, the long sleeved dress is perfect for those lukewarm days.

And since the baby product costs under $10, you can sell it for $29.99 to make a profit even after advertising. This baby dress can be promoted via Facebook and Instagram’s ad platform. You can create ads showing the dress targeting New Parents (0-12 months, Parents with Toddlers (1-2 years), and Parents with Preschoolers (3-5 years).

You can also target these segments as the dress comes in sizes for young children from 0-3 years old. By targeting parents with children in that age range, you’ll be more likely to find a parent who’d buy this for their little princess.

#5. Mother and Baby Beanie Hats

What can be cuter than a mother and her newborn sporting matching hats? Not much. One of the most popular matching sets this year is this mother and baby beanie hat set.

In the past 30 days alone, they’ve amassed hundreds of sales. The matching set even comes in five distinct colors: red, beige, black, white, and gray. The set of two beanies cost store owners under $6, though the value appears to be higher since customers get two products with their purchase.

You can market these mother and baby products by reaching out to new moms on Instagram. Have the mom take a picture of her and her baby wearing the beanie. She can then post the picture on Instagram giving you a shout-out.

However, if you compensated her for the photo you can also use the photo for your ads targeting “New Parents.” By having a cute matching photo, you’ll be more likely to entice new moms who are completely head-over-heels about their newborn baby.

#6. Baby Glove Teether

One of the biggest milestones in a newborn’s life is when they start growing teeth. Teething often causes discomfort in babies so naturally, they prefer chewing on something.

Fortunately, store owners can sell this silicone baby glove teether to help combat teething pain. In the past month, this teether’s sales have surpassed 2.1k proving that this product solves a big problem for new parents.

And with a high 4.9 out of 5 rating out of 468 reviews, it’s pretty safe to say that parents have a sweet spot for this teether. Want to get this teether in more hands? Pun definitely intended.

Well the easiest way to do that is to target “New Parents (0-12 months).” Why? Because most babies start teething somewhere around four to six months of age.

You can create simple videos of babies using the teether or have new parents take pictures of their baby using it to help increase sales with your ads. And with multiple colors for parents to choose from you can even create a carousel ad as an experiment to show all of the options.

#7. Dinosaur Jumpsuit

For baby clothes to sell well, they need to be unique enough to stand out among countless other options. Not surprisingly, this dinosaur jumpsuit will captivate your customers with its unique back scales that help transform a bundle of joy into an adorable stegosaurus.

What’s amazing about the baby clothes niche is that it’s been both stable and popular for over ten years. So if you’re looking to enter the baby products niche, you’ll be able to build a successful, long-term business that goes beyond 2019.

Want to make this dinosaur jumpsuit a rawring success for your store? Your best bet is to try out Instagram. You can create Instagram ads targeting “New Parents” showing them a picture of this adorable baby in his little jumpsuit.

And since selling baby clothes has the potential to become a long-term business for you, be sure to start building out your blog content from day one.

By writing blog content about babies, you’ll be able to build your brand’s authority in the baby niche. So that a year or two from now, your blog will be driving so much traffic to your website which will help you lower your long-term ad costs. Why? Because you’ll be able to focus on retargeting ads, which have lower costs and organic traffic.

#8. Spill-Proof Bowl

Imagine a house with a young toddler, running around and causing havoc. Things are bound to get messy. Now consider that toddler playing with their food and spilling it all over the floor.

This universal spill-proof bowl will solve that problem. It first entered the scene a few years ago but its innovative design is proving to be a must-have bowl for parents with young children.

And with hundreds of customer orders over the past month, sales are still going strong for this little gem. The easiest way to market this spill-proof bowl is by creating a short video that shows how the bowl works.

You can contact an influencer with young children to create a video of the toddler trying to spill the bowl, unsuccessfully. You can then use that video for your ads to better communicate how the product works and to entice other parents to buy the bowl for preventing messes during suppertime.

#9. Warm Baby Clothes

Cute animal ears decorate the hood of his adorable winter puffer coat for infants. The growing trend for children’s clothing tends towards cute animal features such as animal ears or the dinosaur scales we saw earlier, added to apparel to increase the appeal for moms buying for their young children.

This coat comes in 15 colors and designs, allowing your customers to have more selection to choose from. To promote this cute little coat, you can reach out to mom bloggers who regularly feature children’s apparel on their blog.

You may need to compensate the blogger to be included in their post. However, you can also choose to offer instead an affiliate link so they may a commission of the sales to lower your risk and their potential gains.

The traffic sent to your store would consist of qualified leads as they’ve already seen your product and went to the website to buy. This is a pretty good strategy to get your first sale and warm up your Facebook pixel so that when you land that coveted sale, your future ads will be able to know who your ideal customer is.

#10. Baby Sleep Cap

While this product will help put a baby to sleep, it’ll keep an entrepreneur busy with its constant sales. This newborn sleep cap is one of those baby products you need to add to your store today.

In the past 30 days, it’s had over 4400 sales and shows no signs of slowing down. What’s remarkable about this sleep cap is how many colors it comes in. An astounding 16!

There are almost too many options for your customer to choose from. With a low price point of under $3 with shipping, you can make quite a substantial profit off these products when selling at retail value.

Want to tuck more money into your pockets? Create your own custom photos using this sleep cap and a onesie for a baby to sleep in.

You can create an outfit with a couple of your baby products so you can increase the average order value on your store by selling more of your stuff. By taking your own custom photos you can get more shots of babies wearing the sleep cap to better entice parents into buying the cute baby product for their newborn.

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