100+ Best Products to Sell in 2019

10 chapters

What will sell this year? Learn about 2019 market trends and find winning products for your store. From clothing to home improvement, from lighting to baby products, this ebook will show you what experts predict will perform well in a variety of niches. Ride the next trends, and make this your year!

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10 chapters

  • 1. 10 Best Women’s Clothing to Sell in 2019

    Women around the world are getting ready to upgrade their closets with the latest women’s clothing for 2019 – and your store can cash in on these new trends. The fashionable clothes listed in this chapter make up some of the hottest fashion trends women will be snatching up over the year. This list of women’s clothing will be updated throughout the year so that you can always sell women’s fashion women actually want to wear.

  • 2. 10 Best Men’s Clothing to Sell in 2019

    This year, men’s style will be evolving more than ever. You’ll still see some of the popular staples like plaid shirts bringing in a ton of sales. However, you’ll also discover that athleisure will be changing up the game for men everywhere. And we’ve even noticed a trend for sexy novelty underwear! This chapter takes you through the top men’s clothing you’ll want to stock up your stores with in 2019.

  • 3. 10 Best Home Products to Sell in 2019

    Looking to spruce up your customers’ homes in 2019? Well, inside this chapter are home products that’ll be a game changer this year. So let’s not waste any time and look at some of the most reliable, quirky and fun home products people want – no, need – in their lives.

  • 4. 10 Best Jewelry Products to Sell in 2019

    The best jewelry online comes in the form of jewelry trends such as color block, hoop earrings, smartwatches, and more. If you run an online jewelry store be sure to add the 10 jewelry products we’ve shared in this chapter to your store ASAP. You’ll find bracelets for women, necklaces for women, and other jewelry online that you’ll want to snatch up.

  • 5. 10 Best Beauty Products to Sell in 2019

    Looking for the best beauty products of 2019? This year is all about looking and feeling great so we’ve also thrown in some health products that’ll help keep you feeling your best. This chapter introduces you to the trends that'll be driving strong sales growth throughout the year and could very well help increase your store’s sales.

  • 6. 10 Best Watches to Sell in 2019

    The watch niche is proving to be a popular evergreen niche you won’t want to miss out on. Whether you sell smartwatches, trendy wooden watches, or pocket watches, you’ll find that there’ll always be an audience who loves wearing them on their wrist. You can even choose different segments to target: mens’ watches, womens’ watches, or kids’ watches. So if you’re looking for the best watches to sell in 2019, you’ll want to read through this chapter.

  • 7. 10 Best Baby Products to Sell in 2019

    Looking for the best baby products of 2019? In this chapter of the ebook, we break down the top baby clothes and baby products new parents will be obsessing over. So if you run a baby accessories store, then you’ll want to get these baby products on your store ASAP – you don’t want to miss out and end up crying over spilled milk.

  • 8. 10 Best Lamps and Lights to Sell in 2019

    Looking for the best table lamps and LED lights to sell in 2019? In this chapter, we do a deep dive into the lighting niches that’ll skyrocket over the coming year. From bathroom lights to novelty lamps, you’ll find a whole spectrum of lamps and lights you can sell on your store.

  • 9. 10 Best Home Improvement Products to Sell in 2019

    Take your home improvement and home supplies store to the next level by adding these epic products to your collections. In this chapter, we’ll break down some of the most popular home improvement products of 2019, covering everything from handy tools, organization products, and safety devices. These home supplies are currently trending upwards so be sure to add them to your store before the trend fades away!

  • 10. 10 Best Wedding Decorations and More to Sell in 2019

    What are the best wedding decorations, wedding supplies, and bridal accessories for 2019? In this last chapter, we used a combination of data while consulting wedding experts to get a deep dive look into the biggest wedding trends for 2019. The wedding products featured in this list are some of the most popular upcoming products for the year. So if you’d like to get a head start in this niche, you can start by adding these wedding products to your store.

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