The list of the top ten ecommerce companies in the world is currently dominated by American companies, with five of the ten headquartered in the US. This should come as no surprise, given that the US is one of the biggest ecommerce markets in the world. 

Currently topping the list of top ecommerce companies is ecommerce giant Amazon. As of January 2021, its market value stands at a whopping $1.634 trillion. This marks an impressive 73.6 percent growth from the previous year, which is attributed to the coronavirus pandemic and the resulting lockdowns across the world as consumers spend more time indoors and online. 

Amazon’s current market capitalization is also more than double of its closest rival’s and more than the combined total of the next four biggest online retailers on the list.

The ecommerce company’s revenue has been growing steadily for over a decade. In the 12-month period ending in the fourth quarter of 2020, its revenues reached $386.1 billion, a 37.6 percent year-over-year increase. 

Incidentally, not only is it the fourth most valuable company in the world but its founder, Jeff Bezos, also ranks among the two wealthiest men in the world.

The second-biggest ecommerce company is China’s Alibaba with a market value of $648.32 billion. While it certainly still has some distance to go before it catches up with Amazon, it is charting a pretty impressive growth path. In fact, Jack Ma’s company has more than doubled its net revenue in the two years spanning 2018 to 2020 from approximately $36 billion to $74 billion.

As the two biggest online retailers, Amazon and Alibaba have a combined market value of over $2.2 trillion. This makes up more than 40 percent of the total market value of the top 10 ecommerce companies in the world.

Third and fourth on the list of top ecommerce companies in 2021 are also headquartered in the US. Walmart comes in third with a market value of $407.84 billion and is followed by Home Depot with $285.97 billion.

The only company among the five biggest online retailers that is not based in the US or China is India’s Reliance Industry. Its market value currently stands at $178.95 billion.

The top ten ecommerce companies in the world are scattered across three different continents, with half from North America, three from Asia, and two from Europe.

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