With the growing number of social media users worldwide, there’s no doubt social media marketing has become one of the key growth strategies for businesses.

Aside from knowing what the most popular social media platforms are, it’s also important to understand usage – more importantly, social media usage by country. This way, you’re better equipped to adapt your business strategy to cater to local preferences.

So then, which country has the most active social media environment in the world?

Worldwide, social media usage stands at 144 minutes per day. However, there are countries where users spend much more (and much less) time than the average.

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Social Media Usage by Country (Highest)

According to the latest social media usage statistics by country, urban consumers in the Philippines spent the most amount of time on social media in 2020. 

At 245 minutes per day, that’s five minutes more than the time spent the previous year. It is also the only country to exceed the four-hour mark, and has been doing so since at least 2017.

The country in which social media usage is the second highest is Nigeria. Social media users there spend 226 minutes (equivalent to three hours and 46 minutes) a day scrolling through their feeds. This is also 19 minutes fewer than consumers in the Philippines.

Brazil clocked 221 minutes of daily social media usage in 2020, placing it in third place. Its neighbors, Colombia, is close behind with 220 minutes. Kenya wraps up the five countries with the highest social media usage across the globe with 213 minutes a day.

Here are some other countries with high social media usage and the time spent among its urban internet users:

  1. South Africa: 212 minutes
  2. Mexico: 205 minutes
  3. Argentina: 203 minutes
  4. Ghana: 201 minutes
  5. Indonesia: 199 minutes

Social Media Usage by Country (Lowest)

On the other end of the spectrum, out of all of the markets surveyed, Japan has the lowest social media usage. At just 48 minutes, it’s one-fifth of what urban internet users in the Philippines spend on social media per day.

The country with the second-lowest social media usage is South Korea with 72 minutes. This is followed by two European countries: the Netherlands and Switzerland. Daily social media usage totaled 81 minutes in the Netherlands and 82 minutes in Switzerland.

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